Latex Foam Rubber Products Ltd was incorporated on March 8, 1969 to produce quality foam products for the Bedding and Furniture Industry.
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Latex Foam Rubber Products Ltd was incorporated on March 8, 1969 to produce quality foam products for the Bedding and Furniture Industry.

The company entered the market using the Dunlop Technology under licence from the Dunlop Company for the production of its products. The technology gave Latex Foam the desired push in quality in the rather traditional market at the time. Since then, the company has not relented in its efforts to assert itself in the Foam Industry.

In 1972, three years after its inception, Latex Foam started the production of Spring Interior Mattresses. It is worth mentioning that both the Interior production and assembly of the unit springs for the mattresses were done at the factory premises.

Today Latex Foam has stood the test of time and is the oldest in the industry. It is also the leading manufacturer of quality Foam products in Ghana and West Africa.

We are the leading manufacturers of quality Polyurethane Flexible Foam and Spring Mattresses in Ghana and West Africa.

We produce the “Honeymoon Mattress” the leading and the most popular brand in the Mattress Industry in Ghana and West Africa.

Latex Foam combines its strength and solid experience of over 40 years with an unparalleled ability for innovation to produce a variety of quality foam products to meet the varying tastes of our valued customers, which cuts across every segment of society irrespective of the socio-economic background.

It is our aim to continue to be the leading manufacturer of quality Foam products in the country and satisfy our customers by providing them with quality and innovative Foam Products as well as cater for the larger society within which we operate.

From a modest factory area of 6,000 sq. ft in 1969, Latex Foam has over the years embarked on expansion and innovative programmes that has made it the industry leader.

In 1972, the company started the assembly of spring interior mattresses on a factory area of 36,000 sq. ft. In 1974, with an increased production capacity of 300 Spring Mattresses a day; the factory area was expanded to 72,000 sq. ft. Presently, the factory and the Head Office occupies an area of 200,000 sq. ft.

In 1992, the company blazed the trail in the production of High Density Foam Mattresses and Super Soft Foam for furniture upholstery and scored another feat in the manufacture of Re-inforced Spring Mattresses and Sofa Beds in Ghana in 1994.

Having consolidated its expansion programme in Accra, Latex Foam in 1996 established another factory in Kumasi as well as Depots in all the Regional Capitals in Ghana.

New grounds were broken in 1999 when we introduced various types of pillows for people who needed more comfort; Dona Pillow, Readers Pillow, Backcare, Cushions, Leg rest etc.

In February 1999, we moved to our new 2-storey office complex and our showroom was opened to showcase our products and brands to the public

In June 2001 our Niger factory was established to cater for the people in the sub-region of West Africa. We opened yet another factory in the sub-region, Latex Foam Burkina Faso S.A, in March 2002 in Burkina Faso.

In 2006, we introduced the Prestige (Pocketed Spring) & Empress (Nested Spring) into the Ghanaian market, thus becoming the first company to produce Pocketed Spring & Nested Spring Mattresses in West Africa.

In 2007, we were chosen to provide the mattresses for the houses that would host the visiting Heads of States for the Ghana@50 celebrations. That year, we also became the first to produce High Resilient foams in the Ghanaian market when we introduced our Ultraflex Mattress. The Prestige Pocketed Spring, Princess Honeymoon and Ultraflex mattresses would all go on to gain a reputation of being the best mattresses.

In 2010, Latex Foam introduced the Anti-Stress mattress and thus became the first in West Africa to produce visco-elastic (memory) foams and crowned over 4 decades of innovation and quality by being awarded the International Arch of Europe Award for quality in Frankfurt – Germany.